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Kempo karate for self-improvement and good health

Kempo karate combines the agility of traditional Japanese karate, the power of Western Boxing, and the art of take-down from JuJitsu and so on. Unlike other forms, Kempo focus on a variety of strikes, kicks, felling, and grappling techniques to take an opponent down quickly and effectively.


With 30+ years of combined experience in making the people of Evansville stronger, healthier, and faster, the Senseis (karate masters) at Club Bushido have what it takes to turn your life around forever.

Kempo karate as a way of life

Kempo karate is not just a martial art. It is a combat system designed to hone your physical abilities and mental faculties. It is a well-rounded martial art that encompasses studies that many modern styles consider old-fashioned and irrelevant.


But many are now recognizing the mental and physical discipline that this martial art inculcates, making it ideal for physical fitness, self-defense, and a way of life.

Kempo karate is for women and children too

There is an eastern saying that even the strongest wall can be brought down by the smallest of people. At Club Bushido, we completely believe this theory. Our Kempo karate training is perfect for any man, woman, or child who wants to choose the healthier and fitter lifestyle. Our masters will work with you to ensure that your maximum potential is brought out in the right way and you learn the ultimate in self-defense.

Now is the right time to get started

Are you afraid that you are too old to start training? The beauty of Ryukyu Kempo is that you can start at any age. Although it is true that the progress you make is highly dependent on your age and physical fitness, it is still a healthier alternative to the sedentary lifestyle most of us lead.


So, take a chance and walk the warrior's path to a fit body and a sharp mind today. You can try out our classes for a week before any commitment. Drop in for a visit and meet our masters to discuss how Kempo karate can change your life.

Come and see for yourself the difference Kempo karate can make to your daily lives.

Trust our team of professional instructors who focus on your safety and well-being.


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Get fit physically and mentally with our Kempo karate training.

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