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With Judo being our main focus we also offer training in other martial art disciplines,
Jujitsu and Kempo. We also offer classes in grappling.



As an Olympic sport, Judo is a form of grappling with similarities to wrestling.  However,
Judo’s primary characteristic and appeal lies in its spectacular throwing techniques.

As a form of self-defense, it is characterized by many of the same techniques that are indicative to many styles of jujitsu.

As a method of exercise or a means of conditioning the body, there are few activities which could be argued as being any better.

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Committed to providing the best training

Club Bushido is a facility that offers multiple martial art disciplines. We offer Judo, Jujitsu, Submission Grappling, and Kempo Karate.

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Upcoming Events


Women’s Only Self Defense Oct 25th

Come join us on our 4 hour Women’s Only Self Defense Class. This Saturday from 1 to 4pm. Click here for more details. Call Jimmy at 812-867-6466 or email jimmy@club-bushido.com.  You can also visit or event on Facebook here.

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Some of our members participate in tournaments throughout the year.

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