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Teaching Evansville martial arts for over 20 years

Club Bushido is a facility that offers multiple martial arts discipline under one roof. Our facility offers classes for children and adults in a family-friendly environment. If you're an adult looking for self-defense for a change in your fitness training, then come in and apply to our classes. If you're looking for your child for discipline, confidence, and respect for others, come see us.


We have trained some of the top competitors in the Tri-State Area while also training individuals that wants to learn martial arts for fun and fitness.


Call 812-867-6466 or 812-205-0131 to know more about our classes.

Japanese martial arts for self-defense

Learn the ancient secrets and techniques of judo and Kempo karate that gave the Japanese warriors the ultimate edge in fitness and combat.

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Krav Maga Self-defense

With crime rates on the rise, women are constantly at risk in today's world. That is why we have effective self-defense programs for women from ages 12 and above.

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Japanese martial art of grapples and throws

Modern version of Japanese karate

Complete self-defense programs for women

Sport version of a workout

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Check out our website for class times club-bushido.com or call at 812-867-6466 if you have any questions.

2019 Southern Indiana Judo Classic Flyer