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Judo/JuJitsu training to condition your

mind and body

Judo, or 'the gentle way' is a Japanese martial art and combat sport invented in 1882 by Jigoro Kano, a Japanese educator and pioneer in sports. Unlike other martial arts, judo relies on using the strength of your opponent to defeat or immobilize them.


With 30+ combined years, the experienced teachers at Club Bushido have been training the men, women, and children of Evansville in the powerful art of judo. Unlike other dojos (martial arts training centers), we focus on teaching you the right judo techniques based on your needs, right from the basics to the advanced levels.

Judo as a sport for all ages

Whether young or old, judo is a sport that will get your blood pumping. Judo will sharpen your mind, increase your focus, and help you find the right balance for a peaceful life.


As an Olympic sport, judo uses grappling techniques that are similar to wrestling. However, judo’s primary characteristic and appeal lies in its spectacular throwing techniques.

Judo/JuJitsu is ideal for self-defense

The biggest challenge with most training centers is that they don't teach you the real-world applications of the martial arts you learn. Usually, people trained the wrong way end up getting hurt when they try to stand up to bullies and crooks.


In such a situation, judo can be your powerful ally. Since it teaches you how to use your enemy's strength for your own benefit, it is a very powerful self-defense tool for men, women, and children of all ages.

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Our trainers are professional martial artists and offer various martial art classes.


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To learn more about our class timings or to have a general discussion about the best martial art suited for you, talk to us today.



Judo/JuJitsu is also an excellent form of exercise

Bored with the same gym routine every day? Instead of pushing through another boring gym session where you're endlessly pumping weights without results, try switching to practicing judo.


You'll not only get fit quicker, but you'll also notice that your stamina, concentration, and overall fitness increases dramatically over time. In this aspect, there are few other activities that can be considered better.


So, don't wait to make the right change in your life or the life of your loved ones. To learn more about how judo can benefit you, get in touch with us right away.

Try out our classes for a week before committing or enrolling yourself.

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