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Complement your workout with CrossFit

What if your workouts were more fun, engaging, and competitive? If you are struggling with pushing yourself through your daily workout, the CrossFit program is the right choice for you. Designed by Coach Greg Glassman, CrossFit defies conventional 'wisdom' doled out in fitness magazines and programming in commercial facilities.


With 30+ years of experience, the trainers at Club Bushido have the know-how to push you beyond your normal limits and get you fit in no time at all.

CrossFit doesn't require special tools

By definition, functional exercises call for an essential bit of human capacity. Due to strength or injury, you may not be able to do a particular exercise.


In nearly every case, what we do is to find a method to reduce the load to insignificant levels while preserving precisely the line of action or substitute movements of similar lines of action that will prepare for the missing capacity. Any weightlifting exercise can be done with a broomstick or PVC pipe. Every bodyweight exercise can be substituted with gateway movements.

Move from functional competence to dominance

The CrossFit approach embraces, studies, practices, and trains for functional mastery. CrossFitters at every level are on the same path - moving from functional competence to functional dominance.


Not being able to complete a WOD (workout of the day) doesn’t mean that you can’t do CrossFit. Taking a WOD and reducing the load, cutting the reps, dropping a set, taking longer rests, and sitting down three times during the workout is still doing CrossFit. In making these modifications, the athlete is merely turning down the intensity. To learn more, take a look at our Evansville CrossFit page at http://www.evansvillecrossfit.com/.

Start your CrossFit journey today!

Expecting great results with little efforts or over-training the very first day can be detrimental to achieving your goals. That is why our simple charter of functionality, intensity, and variance gives you so much latitude that resources cannot be a serious obstacle to CrossFit training.


So why train by yourself when you can have experienced trainers to guide you? Talk to us today to start your CrossFit journey to a healthier you.

Put your trust in our over 30 years of experience.


Whatever your age or level of ability, we've got the ideal class to suit your needs. Check out our class timings or speak with a member of our staff for further information.



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Implement CrossFit today to take your workout to a whole new level!

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